Book review: Adventure on Whalebone Island by M.A. Wilson

  • Title and author:  Adventure on Whalebone Island by M.A. Wilson
  • Publisher:  Rainy Bay Press; 1 edition
  • Date of publication:  November 2, 2016
  • Pages:  178
  • Genre:  children’s fiction / action & adventure


Ryan and Kendra have come to Maple Harbour on the BC coast to spend their summer holidays with their aunt and uncle. They’re expecting a leisurely holiday swimming and playing on the beach with their cousins Claire and Nathan. Claire, however, has other ideas – exploring islands in her sailboat and searching for sunken treasure. But what’s hidden on mysterious Whalebone Island? Have the four of them come across a secret that others don’t want discovered?

Children aged eight to twelve will love this classic tale of adventure that recalls an earlier era of outdoor fun, leisure, and independence. In today’s over-scheduled society, Adventure on Whalebone Island stands apart for its celebration of the childhood joys of exciting outdoor exploits away from technology and the watchful eyes of parents. Filled with striking illustrations, Adventure on Whalebone Island is already a favorite of children, parents, and teachers alike.

Shortlisted for the 2017/18 BC Readers Choice Children’s Book Award (Chocolate Lily Award)

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Meet the author:  Michael Wilson lives with his family in Gibsons, British Columbia. The Mystery of the Missing Mask is his second book for children. His first book, Adventure on Whalebone Island, was shortlisted for the BC Reader’s Choice Children’s Book Award and the Saskatchewan Young Readers’ Choice Award. When not writing, he likes to sail his Flying Junior in the waters of Howe Sound.

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Ryan and Kendra live in British Columbia, Canada and were super excited to spend two weeks with their cousins in Maple Harbour, on the BC coast.   Ryan, shy and studious wonders if he will fit in with his outgoing, active cousins.  Little does he know that his love of math and numbers will take him on an exciting and dangerous adventure!

I really enjoyed the way the author wrote from the eyes of a young person.  I could clearly picture myself feeling the same emotions and observing the same things the children would enjoy.  His descriptions were simple but thorough and I felt as thought I had personally gone on an adventure with them!

Adventure on Whalebone Island reminds of my own childhood spent devouring Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mystery books.

It was a pleasure meeting Michael at the Chapters bookstore in downtown Victoria.  I would be interested in reading more of his adventure books in the future.