Book review: Adventurers Abroad: The New American Expat Generation by Robert Nelson


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Book Title:  Adventurers Abroad: The New American Expat Generation by Robert Nelson
Category:  Adult non-fiction, 176 pages
Genre:  Travel
Publisher:  CreateSpace
Release date:  June 2015
Available for review in:  Print, ebook (gifted Kindle copy)
Will send print books:  International
Tour dates:  Jan 18 – 29, 2016
Content Rating: G

Book Description: 

Adventurers Abroad explains in detail who the new American expat generation is, why they are moving abroad, where they are moving abroad and the personal characteristics required for expat success.

But the heart of the book is 14 personal stories told through the eyes of American expats living in all corners of the world. Through their experiences, readers will learn how to move, live and work in a variety of countries, with practical advice and information that is useful for any aspiring expat.

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Meet the author:

A long-time expat, Robert Nelson wrote his first book, “Boomers in Paradise: Living in Puerto Vallarta,” while residing in that Mexican international resort city for seven years. He has also lived in Germany, Turkey and Greece and has traveled to over a dozen countries on three continents.

​He also is a co-founder of, an online publisher of international relocation planning information and resources.

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Having just relocated almost 5,000 km to the other side of Canada, I was looking forward to reading Robert Nelson’s book about moving to another country.  I wasn’t really familiar with the term “expat” and the book explains that the term refers to “anyone who lives outside of his or her nation of origin for at least six months of any twelve-month period.”  However, he also gives the contemporary interpretation of “expat” as “choosing to live abroad, without renouncing citizenship”.
The book explains that “globalization, modern technology and transportation improvements have literally shrunk the world we live in” and more and more people are opting to live away from their home countries.  Some of the primary reasons for the growing expat community are:
  • the desire for adventure and the need for new experiences
  • a lifestyle change
  • a new business opportunity
  • less expensive living conditions
  • affordable schooling / continuing education

The tech-savvy younger generation and risk takers make up a large portion of those who are moving abroad as entrepreneurs due to the fact that as long as they have a good internet connection they can live pretty much anywhere in the world.  They are often the most entrepreneurial and are shunning the corporate ladder to start their own business.

There are 14 chapters dedicated to different individuals who decided to move to another country for one reason or another.  Their experiences and insight are a valuable source of information to the aspiring expat.  Some of the advice that I found to be interesting was to do as much research about your target country at least 1-2 years before you plan to move.  Learn the language of your country, research the laws (for those who want to register their business), taxation information, visa information.  Learning about the culture, food and transportation are also very important.

Online research and communicating with people who live in your target country are valuable up to a certain point.  Once you are actually living in your new area, you will have to make adjustments and adapt to the local culture.

Although I moved within the same country, it was from a French-speaking province with a mostly European culture to a more homogenous English speaking part of the country.  I wouldn’t actually call this culture-shock as more of a transitional shock.  Thanks to some amazing friends who live in my new area, the move has been pretty smooth.  Living in a smaller city means that my travelling time has been cut by 1/2.  Food is more expensive but with time I am learning to where to shop to find better prices.  Adapting to living in an apartment without central heating is also a challenge (I invested in a pair of heavy mohair socks and wear a sweater most of the time) but being close to the ocean is a real draw for me.

In summary, one of the number one characteristics an expat needs to possess is open-mindedness and a willingness to try new methods and accept failure as a means to learn and improve.  Be adaptable, accept your host culture for what it is and be continue to be adventurous and curious!

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in moving abroad.


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