Book review: Emmy Nation, Undercover Suffragette by L. Davis Munro


Book Details:

Book Title:  Emmy Nation, Undercover Suffragette by L. Davis Munro
Category:  Adult fiction, 320 pages
Genre:  Historical Fiction, Women’s Fiction
Publisher:  L. Davis Munro
Release date:  November 2015
Available for review in:  Print, mobi, PDF
Will send print books:  USA & Canada
Tour Dates:  Feb 15 to 26, 2016
Content Rating:  PG + M (My book will describe the force feeding of women in jail and some violence such as, window smashing, post box bombings, and street fights as well as some mild profanity. Mature content relates to the feminist movement’s militant activities and the subsequent force feeding of women when they were imprisoned.)

Book Description: 

Being an independent woman in 1913 London is certainly empowering, but Emmy Nation is tired of the inescapable damp seeping through her worn shoes and the hopeless grumblings of her stomach.

When she receives an offer from Scotland Yard to boost her typist income by spying on the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU), Emmy jumps at the chance. But as she grows closer to the WSPU women the lines begin to blur, and when a painful part of her past resurfaces Emmy begins to question her choices.

​How far are you willing to go to secure your equality?

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Meet the author:

​L. Davis Munro holds a master’s degree with a focus on women’s suffrage theatre and works in theatre and dance. She currently lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with her husband and her dog.

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Imogen Madeline Nation (or Emmy as she likes to be called) is a woman of principle.  A woman of principle with holes in her shoes and a tedious job as a typist for Scotland Yard.  She lives in a room converted from a pantry and never seems to be able to save up enough money to buy a new pair of boots. Although she’s found herself in distressing straits, she’s not a complainer, just a realist.  Little does she know that her quiet, boring existence is about to change – she’s about to get more than she bargained for at Scotland Yard.
I really enjoyed reading Undercover Suffragette – I think I would call it a “cozy mystery”. Emmy is a likeable character that most women can identify with – we all want her to succeed.  In 1913, women were still considered second-class citizens with marriage as the only viable option for most.  I did a bit of research recently and discovered that almost a third of women in Victorian times never married, so this era of protest amongst women from all classes, spearheaded by the suffragette movement was a really big deal.  The book deals with the inhumane treatment of these suffragettes while they were in prison as well mistreatment by the police and men in general.  An interesting insight into the activities and lives of British suffragettes.
The book was well-written and flowed quickly.  I would probably recommend a quick re-edit to remove the modern words and expressions from the dialogue that don’t fit in a piece of historical fiction.  The ending ended a bit abruptly, leaving me wondering “what just happened here?”  (I really want the story to continue…then voila!  I discovered that it’s volume I).  What next adventures are in store for Emmy Nation?

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  1. Thank you so much for the lovely review! The research on the marriage rate is really fascinating. I have always wondered what would have been different in the history of women’s rights had the marriage statistics not changed so drastically.

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