Book review: How the movies were invented by Gerald Ewing

  • Title and author:  How the Movies Were Invented by Gerald Ewing
  • Publisher:  Rapaco Kids Publishing
  • Date of publication:  May 20th, 2018
  • Pages:  20 pages
  • Genre:  Children’s books / inventions


Did you know that motion pictures began thanks to a bet about horse racing that a billionaire named Leland Stanford and his friend made? Does the horse take off the ground all four legs when galloping? But how could people from the end of the 19th century actually find out the truth if the horse ran so fast? The answer was simple – photography!

That’s what we would say today. But back then, in 1872, photography was very primitive and quite slow. With a few years of experiments, the bet finally was solved! And as a side effect, we have moving pictures that are called movies today.

Written for children 7-12 years old, the book is also great for young and old who are curious about inventions, and in this case, “a clever invention without any doubt.”

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I loved this informative yet entertaining children’s book. The author relates how movies were inadvertently invented because of a bet between two gentlemen at a horse race. The book is written solely in rhyme and is beautifully illustrated. The pictures were interesting and even made me smile! This book would be ideal for ages 6+.

There is a silhouette of a running horse on the bottom corner of the pages which would appear to move when the book is flipped.

I didn’t see an illustrator’s name so the author must have both written and illustrated the book.