Book review: HUNTER – Part 2 of Guy Erma & The Son of Empire by Sally Ann Melia


Book Description:

13-year-old Teodor was taken by the vicious Battle Borgs of Dome and now he must fight to survive.

13-year-old Guy Erma has been offered a chance to fight for his place in the Dome Elite. Only who will be his opponent? Will he face a Battle Borg of Dome?

Once they were heroes. These men died as heroes in battle. Now they have been reincarnated as the fearsome vanguard of the Dome Elite. They are the Battle Borgs of Dome

Two boys as different as any two boys might be. They face the same enemy, the same danger, the same fear -dare they trust each other?


Meet the Author:  The author was born in Wallasey, England, in 1964, and moved to the South of France when she was eleven. She spent her teenage years living in the cosmopolitan city state of Monaco and became immersed in its many languages and cultures. An English girl in a French school, for three hours each week she would sit at the back of the class as her colleagues learnt English. To pass the time, she wrote stories. This led to a lifetime of writing novels, scripts, stories and articles.In her working life, Sally writes marketing communications and manages large international websites.In 2010, Sally joined the Hogs Back Writers, a club located on the outskirts of Guildford, and she set about turning an old manuscript into this novel: Guy Erma and the Son of Empire. Sally currently lives in Farnham, and she is married with two children.

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In part two of Guy Erma and the Son of Empire, Sayginn, Regent of Freyne, Teodor’s mother, enlists the aid of ally Karl Valvanchi, a Zaracan warrior of Sas Dorana to find her kidnapped son. Sayginn, as Queen Regent, is expected to marry the Emperor in order to form an alliance and produce heirs for the empire. Despite the fact that they come from different worlds and look completely different from each other, Sayginn and Karl form an unexpected bond of trust and are able to read each other’s thoughts. With their combined telepathy they know that Theodor is alive but have no idea of his condition or whereabouts.

Together with Guy Erma “who spins like the wind and bites like a goran”, they put together a rescue mission. The mission is dangerous, as they must face live Battle Borgs, half men-half-machines who obey without conscience. As hostages, both Guy and Teodor, both highly skilled athletes and students in combat are pitted against each other to figh to the death. Guy is given the command to kill as Prince Teodor must be removed as heir. Guy must obey.

This incredible story continues with the same amount of vivid imagery and description as the first segement, Kidnap. Different storylines begin to blend together and we find ourselves cheering for both Guy and Teodor.

Although I enjoy watching sci-fi and fantasy films, I am completely new to reading these genres. This complex story had me a bit befuddled at the beginning but as I continued reading on everything fell into place. Looking forward to part 3 – Exile.

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