Book review: KIDNAP – Part 1 of Guy Erma & The Son of Empire by Sally Ann Melia


Book Description:

I don’t want to go… Do I have to go?

13-year-old Prince Teodor of Freyne knows his duty to the memory of his father and his kingdom. Always, he must help those less fortunate than himself. Yet a frightening nightmare fills him with foreboding, but still he must do – into the Dome.

13-year-old Guy Erma lives in the shadow of the Dome, he has no father and no mother and his future is uncertain, he must start earning a living when he turns 14. He knows not where he will live or even how he will eat, and his only dream is to enter the military academy – at the heart of the Dome.

Two boys as different as any two boys might be. One act of cruelty will throw their lives together, but who dare they trust?


Meet the Author:  The author was born in Wallasey, England, in 1964, and moved to the South of France when she was eleven. She spent her teenage years living in the cosmopolitan city state of Monaco and became immersed in its many languages and cultures. An English girl in a French school, for three hours each week she would sit at the back of the class as her colleagues learnt English. To pass the time, she wrote stories. This led to a lifetime of writing novels, scripts, stories and articles.In her working life, Sally writes marketing communications and manages large international websites.In 2010, Sally joined the Hogs Back Writers, a club located on the outskirts of Guildford, and she set about turning an old manuscript into this novel: Guy Erma and the Son of Empire. Sally currently lives in Farnham, and she is married with two children.

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Two young men from contrasting backgrounds, the first, Guy Erma, an aspiring dome guard and the second, Teodor the heir to the throne of Freyne live in very different circles.  Yet, they will soon discover that their paths will cross and they will need each other to stay alive.  The Prince and the Pauper meet up in a parallel universe of high fashion, giant cats and cy-sects. (and a really cute alien girl!)

This intriguing sci-fi novel by Sally Ann Melia is my first real forage into the young adult sci-fi genre.  The story was incredibly detailed, the characters well-developed and the story line nail-biting exciting!

What I really liked in this first part of the Guy Erma trilogy were the illustrations of some of the main characters as well as a small drawing of the Dome itself.  I look forward to part 2 of this trilogy – Hunter!

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