Book review: Resist by Ilima Todd


  • Title:  Resist (Remake – Book 2) by Ilima Todd
  • Publisher: Shadow Mountain (July 5, 2016)
  • Pages:  352 pages
  • Genre:  YA fiction / dystopian


Having been rescued, Remade, and returned to Freedom, Theron must now face a life without Nine. Though he’s chosen to be a healer, he uses all the vices Freedom affords to try and dull the pain of losing Nine. But he can’t find the peace he so desperately needs. Until he meets Catcher, a man who shows him the dark truths behind Freedom’s Batcher program. From him, Theron learns what it means to be a leader and a father. When he falls in love with a captured rebel named Pua, Theron must choose: Freedom and its easy pleasures, or a life that is truly free but full of hardships and decisions.

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useMeet the author:

Ilima Todd was born and raised on the north shore of Oahu and dives for octopus with her dad every time she visits—otherwise she’s diving into books in the Rocky Mountains where she lives with her husband and four children. She graduated from BYU with a degree in physics and eats copious amounts of raw fish and avocados without regret. But mostly she loves being a wife and mama and wouldn’t trade that job for anything in the world.

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“I need her because she gives me faith in  a place that is faithless, hope in a place that is hopeless.”

After his rescue and return to Freedom, Theron goes through the motions of day to day life without Nine.  He feels incomplete without her but finds some purpose in his chosen role as a healer. The uncertainty of Nine’s whereabouts torments him and he drinks and cage fights to release the pent up emotions broiling inside him.  A chance encounter with a patient with no file becomes a turning point in his life when he is suddenly confronted with scenes that both horrify and anger him.  He suddenly realizes that Freedom is the exact opposite of what it’s name purports to be.

“Freedom expects us to live our lives according to superficial desires.  What will make me happy in this moment?  What will bring me the most pleasure?  They teach us we are slaves to our desires, but we’re so much stronger, so much greater.”

Resist is a YA dystopian novel that not only delivers a fascinating story but also introduces a deeper message about the purpose of life.  The characters are well-developed and we immediately develop an affinity for Theron in his yearning for an explanation of why his life is devoid of meaning.  Newer elements are introduced at the end of the plot which ended rather abruptly leaving you wondering if there is a sequel to this story.

You need to read the author’s first book “Remake” to truly understand this segment of the story.  An imaginative and action packed story that I really enjoyed – I would recommend both Remake and Resist for any audience who loves dystopian fiction.



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