Book review: Shouting from the Summits by Kala Ramachandran


  • Publisher:  Clink Street Publishing
  • Date released:  September 13, 2016
  • Format:  Paperback, ebook
  • Genre:  Memoir, biography, non-fiction
  • Pages:  83

Book Description:

‘Living proof that a stammer need not hold you back’. Leys Geddes Kala Ramachandran struggled with a stammer and it became so debilitating, she thought it would be with her her whole life. But then she embraced mountaineering. And finally found her voice. This is her story. ‘It is a given we will have obstacles in life, some of us from the very beginning. Kala’s story is one of perseverance; of overcoming; of hope. The world she grew up in didn’t include Asian women who climbed mountains. Now it does thanks to Kala never letting go of her dream.’ Warren Macdonald

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Kala Ramachandran, Authoright author published by Clink Street Publishing from Authoright on Vimeo.


As you can see from the accompanying video, Kala Ramachandran was fiercely determined to prove both to herself and her family that she could achieve anything she wanted.  Kala suffered from a speech impediment (stuttering) from a young age and as a result, became very shy and withdrawn.  However, she was a keen student and excelled in her studies.

One day, during a geography lesson, her father told her about a Japanese lady, Junko Tabei, who was the first woman to climb Mount Everest.  Kala’s search for purpose in life and love for mountaineering began at that moment.

The book is written in Kala’s own words and because  Kala is self-taught when it comes to the English language, the language in the book is somewhat rudimentary.  However, as I read through her story, I felt like I was listening to a conversation from Kala herself and could easily follow along.

Although not a mountaineer myself, I have had the opportunity to visit Everest base camp and feel happiest when I can catch a glimpse of “my” mountains every day. Kala’s story caught my attention right away because I also have a degree in speech therapy which included helping those who stutter.  Her perseverance and willingness to leave her comfort zone are truly commendable.


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