Book review: The Mystery of the Missing Mask (a Maple Harbour Adventure) by M.A. Wilson

  • Title and author:  The Mystery of the Missing Mask by M.A. Wilson
  • Publisher:  Rainy Bay Press
  • Date of publication:  November 16, 2017
  • Pages:  158
  • Genre:  children’s fiction / action & adventure


Ryan and Kendra have returned to Maple Harbour on the British Columbia coast to visit their cousins Claire and Nathan. But the sleepy little town has been rocked by the news that a valuable Indigenous mask has been stolen, only days after it arrived at the local museum! While museum officials and the police search for answers, the four children and their new friend Tyler stumble upon a series of exciting clues. As they enjoy their summer holidays, not everything is what it seems. Join the four friends on another unforgettable summer of adventure!

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Meet the author:  Michael Wilson lives with his family in Gibsons, British Columbia. The Mystery of the Missing Mask is his second book for children. His first book, Adventure on Whalebone Island, was shortlisted for the BC Reader’s Choice Children’s Book Award and the Saskatchewan Young Readers’ Choice Award. When not writing, he likes to sail his Flying Junior in the waters of Howe Sound.

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I had so much fun reading about Ryan and Kendra’s adventure on Whalebone Island that I decided to follow them on their next trip back to the BC coast the following year.

What I love about this series is that the stories are good, clean reads with a lot of excitement thrown in.  The children portrayed in this series are polite, hardworking and curious.  In this book, one of the characters is confronted with a moral issue about returning stolen property even though the owner treated her badly.   The young reader will also learn a bit about geography, marine biology, history, anthropology, sailing and learning to work together with others on projects.

Aunt Jennie is a great cook, just reading about what she cooks for the family every day makes me want to hang out with them!

A great vacation read that every kid should have tucked into their backpack!