Book review: Through the Fire by Chris Uyi


Christopher Uyi is an Economist, Business Strategist and Life Coach. He is currently the Principal Partner of i54 Consulting Ltd. A strong believer in educational excellence and philanthropy, he is the founder of Uyi Christopher Ibhazehi-oria Foundation.

Chris is a prolific writer who, in his words, ”does not write for fun but writes to deliver a message”. He has published several well-acknowledged articles and two life/mind uplifting books.


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Published by Quickfox Publishing Team, South Africa, these discourses were originally written as an article and have been expanded into a small volume of work.  The author’s intention in publishing this work is “to present the reader with the balm of spiritual healing to assuage the pains and scars suffered from the heat of life”.

It comprises several sections, namely “In the Fire”, “Desire”, “Passion”, and “Sorrow”, to name but a few.  There are many Biblical as well as secular quotations that the author uses to support his discourses.

To be honest, I found it a little difficult to follow the author’s train of thought or philosphies.  Nevertheless, there were some examples  that show the benefit of using common sense and practicing self-control which I found to be true.  “Good thoughts breed a good conscience and a good conscience is the foundation of peace” was one of the statements I agreed with.  Someone who enjoys reading literature with a philosophical touch would enjoy this book.

I received a copy of this book from the author free of charge.

Available in both Kindle and paperback formats.

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