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An Introduction to Indian Philosophy

An Introduction to Indian Philosophy, termed by Srila Prabhupada as 'very authoritative', while introducing the reader to the spirit, vast ocean of knowledge and outlook of Indian philosophy, also helps him to grasp thoroughly the central ideas.

Summary Of The Book

Philosophy, in its widest etymological sense, means 'love of knowledge'. It tries to search for knowledge of himself, the world and God, and describes the Indian way of life as we know it. Indian philosophy denotes the philosophical speculations of all Indian thinkers, ancient or modern, Hindus or non-Hindus, theists or atheists. Some believe 'Indian philosophy' to be synonymous with 'Hindu philosophy', however, this would be true only if the word 'Hindu' were taken in the geographical sense of 'Indian'. But if 'Hindu' means the followers of a particular religious faith known as Hinduism, the supposition would be wrong and misleading.

About The Author

The authors have, with considerable merit, highlighted the significance of Indian views in terms of modern Western thought. An Introduction to Indian Philosophy is a seminal work covering topics as varied as the Carvaka, Jain, Vaisesika, Mimamsa, Buddha, Sankhya Systems, amongst others.

Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Unlock the life that you were always meant to lead!

Summary Of The Book

It is possible to bring more wealth, joy and love into your life. You can attain the kind of success that you have always dreamt of, whether it is owning a Lamborghini, reaching the top of the corporate ladder, building a fulfilling relationship or leading an ailment-free life. All you have to do is start believing in your potential and set your subconscious in motion. Your subconscious is miraculous. Fed with the right beliefs, it helps you overcome obstacles and fuels creative thinking that steers you in the direction that you have always strived for.

The Power of Your Subconscious is a practical guide to unlocking the limitless potential that's within you. Dr Joseph Murphy, a renowned expert on the subconscious mind, lays down a step-by-step guide to understanding the subconscious part of your brain and how to master it. The book contains real-life stories of people who have gained better health and prosperity in their lives with the help of Dr Murphy's techniques.

Having improved the lives of over a million people worldwide, this seminal piece of work now invites you to change your life by changing how you think!

About The Author

Born in Ireland, Dr Joseph Murphy was ordained into Religious Science in 1946. He was later introduced to Divine Science and became minister of Los Angles Divine Science Church. He was a proponent of New Thought movement. By combining a metaphysical, spiritual, and pragmatic approach to the way we think and live, they uncovered the secret of attaining what we truly desire. He has authored multiple bestsellers like Power of Your Subconscious Mind, Believe in Yourself, How to Attract Money.

The Laws of Love : Creating the Relationship of Your Dreams

Great relationships are not an accident. Having the relationship of your dreams does not depend on luck-on the roll of the relationship dice. It's the result of knowing the right steps to take to create an enduring, fulfilling friendship with your partner.

Summary Of The Book

In this wise and practical work, Chris Prentiss, author of the popular zen and the art of happiness, shows exactly how to create the relationship you desire by working with fourteen powerful laws of love-time-tested principles that for thousands of years have brought soul-drenching happiness to those who have followed them.

Prentiss combines compelling storytelling and empowering truths with targeted action steps to help you build a loving, long-lasting relationship. You'll learn important keys such as how to provide safe space, who is attracted to you and why, the purpose behind your partnership, the power of your beliefs, how to heal unhealthy patterns from the past that affect you and your partner today and how to save a troubled relationship or decide if you should move on.

Even in the most challenging of times that come to us all, the laws of love will give you the tools you need to sustain a rewarding relationship - one where great joy is experienced, great deeds are accomplished and most importantly, great love is returned.

About the Author

Chris Prentiss is the author of several popular works on personal growth, including zen and the art of happiness, the alcoholism and addiction cure, be who you want, have what you want, the little book of secrets and the I Ching - the book of answers. He is the co-founder of the world-renowned passages addiction cure centers. He has also written, produced and directed a feature film. He lives in Kauai and Malibu.

Good Living in Hard Times : The Art of Contentment

Good Living in Hard Times: The Art of Contentment is a definitive guide to extracting the best out of life and living a life of peace and happiness.

Summary Of The Book

In Good Living in Hard Times, bestselling author Stafford Whiteaker explains the ways in which can get the best out of the life we have and be contended, irrespective of our present situation. In the book, the author discusses the values which have stood the test of time.

He talks about the significance of self-reliance, personal dignity, fresh air, sound sleep, eating healthy food, sexuality, laughter, and hospitality to be truly contented in life. He also discusses the benefits of paying close attention to our spiritual well-being which brings about emotional, psychic and physical healing. Good Living in Hard Times will make for an intriguing and enriching read for those looking out to radically change their lives.

About the Author

Stafford Whiteaker, a former monk, is a well-known author of some of the world’s bestselling books on spirituality. Some of his other critically acclaimed books include Living the Sacred and The Little Book of Inner Space.

Are You Connected?

In this book, Acharya Venugopal, a monk from ISKCON, shares the different tools, skills and experiences needed to help one feel loved and connected to one's own self, the people who matter and to God.

Summary Of The Book

Highlighting the need to go deeper into the meaning and purpose of life, Acharya offers skills to achieve peace of mind and to live in harmony with our true selves. In simple, anecdotal style, he helps us with our relationships with others-friends, family and colleagues. It emphasizes on sharing mutual success and growing with care and compassion. Are You Connected? is a mantra to a successful life of happiness.

About the Author

As a monk at the ISKCON, Swami Venugopal Acharya (whose spiritual name is Vraja Bihari dasa) pent eighteen years living with 100-plus people in a small monastery, he spent fifteen years counseling students, families, the elderly and children, and spent time observing and learning from the myriad problems facing a 4000-member community made up of various cultures. He has an honours degree in economics, a Masters degree in international finance and an MBA in finance. He worked for an investment bank and, since 1999, has been a teacher and a counselor. He travels around the world and puts together his thoughts on

Miracles Happen: The Transformational Healing Power of Past-Life Memories

Miracles Happen: The Transformational Healing Power Of Past-Life Memories is a book that focuses on reincarnation, and its capabilities to heal traumas. Readers are shown how memories from previous lives can help a person become happy in this life.

Summary Of The Book

Miracles Happen: The Transformational Healing Power Of Past-Life Memories, published in 2012, is a book to help readers heal their emotional, spiritual, and physical wounds. Dr. Brian Weiss is a psychotherapist who did not believe in past life traumas. However, a patient of his started to speak about her previous life and these memories helped her recover. Her anxiety attacks and nightmares stopped, and she started sharing stories about the doctor’s dead son.

Miracles Happen: The Transformational Healing Power Of Past-Life Memories is a book about reincarnation, and it tries to make readers understand that death is not to be feared. Through personal stories, the authors have that different lifetimes are separated by a spiritual space. After death, a person moves from one life to the next. These teachings speak about how humans are spiritual beings, and the key to a joyful life lies in the past.

The stories in Miracles Happen: The Transformational Healing Power Of Past-Life Memories demonstrate practical lessons for readers to be able to grasp the subject of reincarnation. Some chapters are Freedom From Emotional Pain, Spiritual And Mystical Experiences, Letting Go Of Grief, Eternal Relationships, We Are All Connected, Lessons That Animals Teach, and Validating the Memories. This unique guide teaches how to walk on the path of spirituality, and lead a blissful life.

About the Author

Dr. Brian Weiss, born in 1944, is an American psychiatrist, whose focus lies on reincarnation and past-life regression therapy.His other works include Same Soul, Many Bodies, Miracles Happen: The Transformational Healing Power Of Past Life Memories, Messages From the Masters, and Only Love Is Real: A Story Of Soulmates Reunited.

Weiss graduated from Columbia University. He then studied at the Yale University School of Medicine. He is currently the Chairman Emeritus of the Psychiatry department at the Mount Sinai Medical Center. His book Many Lives, Many Masters was a New York Times bestseller, and Only Love Is Real was a USA Today bestseller. He conducts workshops and seminars, and has appeared on shows such as Larry King Live, and Oprah. The author lives in Miami with his wife Carole.

Amy E. Weiss is a hypnotherapist, a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, and a licensed clinical social worker.Weiss obtained a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Columbia University, and went on to study her Masters in Fine Arts from the Washington University, St. Louis. She specializes in fiction writing, and was the recipient of the Carrie S. Galt prize. She also holds a Masters degree from Barry University in Social Work. She has been featured in Elevated Existence, Super Soul Sunday, and Inside South Florida, The author is presently a Clinical Musician Intern with Harp for Healing. Amy Weiss is the daughter of Dr. Brian Weiss and resides in Miami, and is an acclaimed nature photographer.

Aghora III : The Law of Karma

This book is the third and final part of the Aghora Trilogy.

Summary Of The Book

What is karma and how does it govern one's life? The word karma is often used but little understood. Karma is the spiritual application of Newton's third law - for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The aghoris are practitioners of the Tantra philosophy. They frequent places that are normally considered taboo, places that people avoid unless necessary, like cremation or burial grounds. They smear themselves with ashes and practice fierce austerities in order to attain the ultimate wisdom.

They are fierce monists, who believe that there is ultimately only one reality and that life and this world itself are all but dreams. When the souls that are fragments of the dream attain true knowledge, they merge with the one divine force.

This book, the third in the Aghora trilogy which is retold in the words of the great Aghori Vimalananda, uses the Bombay race tracks as an allegory for life. The vibrant setting of the racecourse, where destinies are decided and fortunes are won or lost in a matter of minutes is used to explain the game of life itself.

Weaving a colorful tale involving various interesting characters like jockeys, owners, trainers, the horses and various other personalities of the race track, Vimalananda reveals deep profound truths using every trivial and significant event on the racetrack.

Using this entertaining and vivid backdrop, the author provides a window into the philosophy of karmic bond, the repeated cycle of births and deaths and repeating and interwoven relationships, which are all the result of the laws of cause and effect.

About the Author

Robert Svoboda is an American Ayurvedic practitioner and writer.Other books by Svoboda are AGHORA, At the Left Hand of God, and AGHORA II: Kundalini.His books explain the Aghora philosophy and tradition.

Robert Svoboda is considered to be the first westerner to be fully trained in a college of Ayurveda and gain the licence to practice in India. During his medical training, he was also trained in allied subjects like tantra, jyotish, and yoga by his guru, the Aghori Vimalananda. He is on the faculty and also on the board of directors of the Ayurvedic Institute of Albuquerque, New Mexico.


The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius is a collection of the Roman Emperor’s thoughts and personal writings he wrote mainly for himself.

Summary Of The Book

Timeless and immortal in its messages, this book gives readers a look into the mind of one of the most influential rulers to have held the title of Caesar. Originally written as 12 books, this was first written as a source of personal improvement and guidance. These thoughts were penned down over different periods of his life, and boast a straightforward style. Instead of a ruler, Marcus Aurelius comes across as an ordinary man. He believed in self-analysis and judgment.

He often searched for his place in the universe and believed that all men should strive for the same goal. Everything has come from nature, and shall return to it in time. Praised for his impassionate writing style which helped him write what he thought honestly, he also did not care for the opinion of others or criticism. He had never imagined that it would influence hundreds of thousands of people later, sealing his fate as one of the wisest men to have ever lived.

He understood completely that life is a temporary thing, that the present is but a moment in the cosmic glory of the universe and that goodness, justice and honesty alone are paramount. Nothing was of more value to Marcus Aurelius than human virtues, and this is self-evident in his writings. The book is a must read for everyone looking for wisdom, and ready to be changed anew by the words of a man who knew that though he was an Emperor, he was an ordinary man.

About The Authors

Caesar Marcus Aurelius Antonius Augustus was the Roman Emperor from 161 to 180 A.D. Widely considered one of the most important Stoic philosophers and the last of the Five Good Emperors, he led the battles in Central Europe against the Marcomanni, Quadi, and Sarmatians during the Marcomannic Wars.

Marcus Aurelius’ book on Stoic philosophy has influenced several political leaders over the millennia, including Frederick the Great, John Stuart Mill, Matthew Arnold, Goethe, Wen Jiabao, and Bill Clinton.

Tao Te Ching

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Summary Of The Book

From political advice and lessons on leading a balanced life to common practical wisdom and guidance on self-knowledge, humility, morality, and virtue, this book gives an insight into the fundamental principles that form the basis of Taoism, one of the three great philosophical and religious traditions that originated in China.

About The Author

Written more than two millennia ago, Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching is one of the most translated works of world literature.

The Essential Rumi

Mesmerise yourself by poetry and spirituality with Rumi’s poems translated by Coleman Barks. The Essential Rumi is a collection of poems which keep you pondering about the words and expressions used by the Sufi poet.

Summary of the Book

A compilation of Rumi’s 81 new poems which were never published until now, will leave you feeling ecstatic and spellbound. With a new introduction and new set of poems, the Essential Rumi is sure to occupy your imagination for quite a while.

About The Author

Rumi was a Sufi poet. He used to write poems and quotes in Persian which have been translated in multiple languages. He is considered as the most popular poet in America.