Book review: The Twentieth Wife

27298This book describes life in the Moghual court of pre-colonial India. The Twentieth Wife recounts the story of Mehrunnisa, a Persian girl that eventually marries Emperor Jahangir.  Her story is unusual in that she was a widow when she was chosen as his twentieth wife.   Mehrunnisa not only captures Jahangir’s heart but rules the empire alongside him as his equal.

I have always found Moghul history fascinating, and this book, interwoven with historical fact and fiction to bring Mehrunnisa’s story to life is magical. The story flows seamlessly, despite the fact that there are so many different characters.  From the author’s description of daily life in the Moghual court you can almost taste the different curries and sweets, smell the incense and flowers and imagine the colourful silks and jewels.  I look forward to reading more of Indu Sundaresan’s work.

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