Book Spotlight: Don’t Write a Crappy Book by James M. Ranson

Book Details:

Book Title:  Don’t Write a Crappy Book by James M. Ranson
Category:  Adult Non- Fiction, 210 pages
Genre:  Business, Authorpreneurship
Publisher:  Master Wordsmith Media, in association with Thanet House Books
Release date:  Oct 1, 2018
Tour dates: Oct 8 to 31, 2018
Content Rating: PG for occasional mild swearing (hell and damn, mostly, one instance of “shitty”)

Book Description:

A great book can launch your business into the stratosphere. Unfortunately, most self-published business books rank somewhere between “meh” and “flaming pile of crap.” But your book doesn’t have to suck!

In “Don’t Write a Crappy Book,” editor and entrepreneur James Ranson unpacks the most common–and toxic–mistakes that first-time nonfiction authors make. Peppered with wisdom from a panel of industry experts, this book debunks the dangerous myths that can torpedo your text and offers clear, practical guidance for writing a book you’re proud of. This is the resource for the aspiring authorpreneur who wants to write and publish a book with minimum hassle and maximum results.

This book will teach you:

– How a self-published book can make or break your business (and the THREE factors that determine which it does)
– The biggest blind spots no one tells authors about (and how to look for them BEFORE it’s too late)
– How to write a first book that will get positive reviews on Amazon (and why that’s a better goal than becoming a bestseller)
– When writing a business book is the right move for you (and when you should NEVER write one)
– How to self-publish on Amazon to actually get good results for your business (a lot of it happens before you even start writing!)
– What NOT to do when you’re looking for an editor (and how to find a great one)
– Why trying to write and publish a book in 90 days or less is a recipe for disaster (and why no one tells you that!)
– How to avoid do-overs, sunk costs, and other self-publishing headaches (and how to get out of them if they sneak up on you)

Stay out of the crap pile! Discover the secrets to creating a highly valuable book that will expand your influence and grow your business for years to come. ​

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James Ranson

Meet the Author:

​James Ranson, The Master Wordsmith(TM), is a Wall-Street-Journal-bestselling editor, ghostwriter and book coach who has helped over 200 consultants, coaches, speakers and other thought leaders create high-quality books. Clients of his have gone on to sell thousands of books, receive book deals from publishing houses, and be featured in regional and national media outlets. In addition to his own clients, James is a writer and book doctor for Thanet House Books, and is on recommended professional lists for Scribe Media(formerly Book in a Box), My Word Publishing, BrightFlame Books and Authors Unite. His second book, Don’t Write A Crappy Book!, will be published on October 1, 2018. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, James lives in Atlanta, GA, with his fiancée and a very needy cat.

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Book review: The Life and Lessons of a Young Author by Sunayna Prasad

Book Details:
Book Title:  The Life and Lessons of a Young Author by Sunayna Prasad
Category:  YA Non-fiction, 19 pages
Genre:  Writing
Publisher:  Ingram Spark
Release date:  Sept 1, 2018
Format available for review:  ebook (PDF)
Tour dates: Aug 13 to 31, 2018
Content Rating: G

Book Description:  Want to be an author? No matter where you are in life, you need to learn the reality of writing marketable books and the publishing world. I share my experience as a published author younger than 25 and offer tips, tricks, and guidelines about the life of being a young author.

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Sunayna Prasad

Meet the Author:

Sunayna Prasad has been writing since she was six. She continues to write fiction and non-fiction today and has even won a Pacific Book-Review award. She lives in New York, and when not writing, likes to create art and cook.

Connect with Sunayna: Website ~ Facebook

It was Sunayna Prasad’s dream to have her stories published.  She was a prolific writer, even as a young girl.  She tried to go it alone.  Until she realized that writing a book involved more than a good storyline.
Through trial and error Sunaya learned what was necessary to publish her book.   It wasn’t easy and at times quite painful, especially when she would have to get rid of a favourite character (kill her darlings …).
A down-to-earth, informal memoir that gives other aspiring writers the advice they need to tell their story.